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Discover the unparalleled craftsmanship and soulful resonance of EGW hand-built custom electric guitars. Each instrument is meticulously crafted with passion, precision, and attention to detail, ensuring a unique and exceptional playing experience. From the selection of the finest woods to the intricate design and flawless finish, these guitars are more than just instruments—they’re works of art. 


When you purchase an EGW guitar, you’re not just buying a piece of equipment; you’re investing in a lifelong companion that resonates with your individuality and musical expression. With their distinctive tone, exceptional playability, and stunning aesthetics, these guitars are bound to inspire creativity and elevate your performance to new heights.

Your guitar will be delivered in a custom hard-case accompanied by an EGW Certificate of Authenticity tied to a private webpage containing specs and build videos of your instrument. Yeah, you read that right... quite literally a sonic, visual, and virtual experience of epic proportions.

Base price is $3900 USD. Custom builds require a build deposit, with the balance due at delivery.


Custom builds require a build deposit, with the balance due at delivery.

Kiss of Whiskey

Your guitar. Your finish. Your spirit.

We buy a bottle of your favorite spirits to blend and burst colors during the finishing process of your new axe. Bourbon, brandy, rye, gin... what's your taste? Everything remaining is yours to savor.

When you unbox your new RYE90NiNE from its custom hard case, you'll get to enjoy the very same spirits used to make your guitar's personality pop. From the same bottle. If you're under 21 or don't drink... GREAT! We'll arrange something else special.

Kiss of Whiskey Choice of Whiskey

Travis Brown Artist Series

EGW Guitars has teamed up with legendary tattoo artist Travis Brown - founder of Fleshworks Tattoo in Olympia, Washington.


This limited run of guitars will feature several standard S-type styles in addition to the RYE90NiNE and Ares- hand painted by Travis, and built by Matt of EGW. 

Epic through and through. 

Customized Treatments

EGW services both electric and acoustic guitars. We've even been known to work on the occasional banjo or autoharp. Utilizing 25+ years of industry experience, I commit to caring for your instruments like my own to keep you and your guitars center-stage where you belong.


The motto is simple: If I wouldn’t gig it, it’s not ready. Your guitar is an extension of you. It should play like it.

Below is a non-comprehensive list of the most commonly sought services

  • Full Setup - $115

    (add $50 for guitars with locking tremolo systems)
    Restring, oil fingerboard, polish & tune, truss and saddle adjustment, inspection 


  • Pickup / Pot / Switch install - $85

    Add $35 for each additional component 

  • Tuner replacement/upgrade - $70

  • Nut install (hand cutting and shaping)
    6-String - $90
    12-String - $180

  • Fret services

    Full Re-fretting - $500
    Varies by type and material

    Partial Re-fretting - $270 base plus $10 for each fret

    Level, re-crown, and polish - $200


Parts and tax will be added to service charges below. Prices below are on a per instrument basis. Unless otherwise specified at time of service, guitars will be strung with S.I.T. strings for services requiring new strings.

EGW has implemented a small $10 deposit at the time of booking - to be applied to your service. Why so little? Because it’s not meant for anything other than no-show deterrent. Skin-in-the-game does wonders for that. We all have busy schedules. If something comes up, just cancel 48 hours in advance and it will be waived. Simple.


Your service time is held for you and you only. It’s a respect and commitment thing. You get it.

Service & Rates

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