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The Custom Shop

If you've made it this far, it means you're looking for more - looking for magic. And you know there's a good amount of that in the EGW Guitars Custom Shop.

I've played many AMAZING guitars but never connected with them. They might have played great and sounded even better, but I hated how they looked on me when I took the stage. That's why I design EGW guitars from the ground up, to be the guitars I want to sling over my shoulder. I want the same for you.

Get all the design elements you expect from a pristine, custom instrument perfectly tailored to you and your style.

A Kiss of Whiskey


Like a good rye she comes on strong, sings a smokey tune, and has a spicy finish.

Travis Brown Artist Series

EGW Guitars has teamed up with legendary tattoo artist Travis Brown - founder of Fleshworks Tattoo in Olympia, Washington. This limited run of guitars will feature several standard S-type styles in addition to the RYE90NiNE - hand painted by Travis, and built by Matt of EGW. 

Epic through and through. 

Service & Rates

EGW services both electric and acoustic guitars. We've even been known to work on the occasional banjo or autoharp. Utilizing 25+ years of industry experience, I commit to caring for your instruments like my own to keep you and your guitars center-stage where you belong. My motto is, “If I wouldn’t gig it, it’s not ready.” Your guitar is an extension of you. It should play like it.

Below is a list of the most commonly sought services. Don't see what you need? Contact EGW and let's talk!

Parts and tax will be added to service charges below.

  • Full Setup - $115

    (add $50 for guitars with locking tremolo systems)
    Restring, oil fingerboard, polish & tune, truss and saddle adjustment, inspection 


  • Pickup / Pot / Switch install - $85

    Add $35 for each additional pot or switch

  • Tuner replacement/upgrade - $70

  • Fret services

    Full Re-fret - $500
    Varies by type and material

    Partial Re-fretting - $270 base plus $10 for each fret

    Level & re-crown - $200


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